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It is a serious medical emergency which is characterized by episodes of facial brain dysfunction due to disturbance in blood supply to the brain due to ischemia or hemorrhage . It is 3rd most common cause of death in the developed world .


It is the loss of the ability to move one or more muscle . It may be associated with loss of feeling and other bodily functions . It is most often caused by damage to the nervous system or brain especially the spinal cord


FAST Face Arms  Speech-Time

FACE may get twisted or even the smile might have dropped

ARMS They may not be bale lift one or both the arms and keep them there because of arms weakness or numbness

SPEECH of the stroke suspected person may be slurred or garbled or the person may not be able to talk at all despite appearing to be awake TIME to call the ambulance immediately if any of the above signs re present OTHER SIGNS are
(a) numbness or weakness
(b) Sudden loss of vision
(c) Diziness
(d) Communication problems
(e) problems with balance and coordination

The main reasons of the stroke are

Ischemic : this is due to the interruption of the blood supply to the brain-80% of the strokes are due to this

Hemorrhage : This is due to the rupture of the blood vessel or an abnormal vascular structure 20% of the strokes are due to this


Advanced age , Hypertension , high Cholesterol, smoking , excessive alcohol consumption , Heart disease


Uncontrolled Hypertension ,Infections : Encephalitis,meningitis, Tuberculosis ,Cerebral tumor , cerebral abscess Hemorrhage , Multiple sclerosis

Mangement through Modern medicine

The Management of stroke and paralysis is aimed at minimizing irreversible damage to the brain and preventing complications , such as chest infection, pinful shoulder , pressure sores ,urniary tract infection , epileptic seizures and reducing the dibaility and reducing the risk of recurrence .

Medicicne Management

Antibiotics in case of infections,Surgical treatment in case of hemorrhage and haemtoma and in other cases by Physiotherpy , Acupuncture .

Dietry Management

Poor Diet is a major risk factor for a stroke.Fat can led to the build up of fatty plaques in the arteries and being overweight can lead to high BP.A Low Fat, high fiber diet is recommended including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Further, the balanced diet should include a small amount of unsaturated fat which will help reduce the cholosterol level. Butter, Ghee, cream, hard cheese, cakes and biscuits , foods that contain coconut or palm oil.

Prevention of stroke

Control of B P , STOP SMOKING , Exercise regularly , Eat a healing diet, If diabetic control the diabetes


It is the loss of the ability to move one or more muscle . It may be associated with loss of feeling and other bodily functions . It is most often caused by damage to the nervous system or brain especially the spinal cord

Benefits of Omkar Yoga for eradicating Stroke and Paralysis :

Reduce further occurrence :Omkar Yoga through Joint loosening exercise , Kriyas such as Jalneti, Waman, Asaans after the efficient success in jt loosening , Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Meditation ,Hasta Mudra , can be practiced and the same will be after long practice will reduce the same.

Could Reduce mental imbalance :Omkar chanting in yoga pose relieves mind stress and anxiety. Chanting of Omkar mantra relaxes mind of practitioner which indirectly reduces the disease which will be supported by regular intake of the medicine

Could promote healthy mindset: A rhythmic chanting of Omkar Yoga releases hormones which promotes happiness and feeling of positivity. It helps you to enjoy the activities which you feel you won't be able do .

Improves Flexibility and Balance: The regular practice of Omkar yoga shreds your extra weight. When weight-height and age is in right number ( i.e the BMI is between 18-25)then body of that person is said to be in balanced and flexible. Omkar Yoga improves flexibility and balance of your body as well as of your mind.

Promotes Healthy Eating Habits: We all are aware that most of the illnesses are due to our eating habits. The energy that one receives after practicing Omkar Yoga activates and stimulates the brain positively. This helps you to choose good-bad and it has been observed that people with healthy eating habits are less prone to illnesses . It keeps your weight in control.

Can Increase Strength: The most prominent benefit of is that Omkar Yoga helps in increasing strength of mind and body. A healthy mind and body is none less than boon.

Food intake : Healthy eating habits like alkaline foods, green vegetables , with salads and sprouts , taking food at the right time , with sleeping at the right time , will reduce the severity of the pain and the disease will not accelerate very fast.Fruits in the early morning in place of breakfast will also accelerate the reduction of the fat thereby activating the nerve cells of the brain .

All the above mentioned practices should be done under a trained Yoga teacher/Therapist. Omkar Yoga has got such Senior Experienced trained professionals who are nearly 10-15 years old in this profession and have proved positive results in this matter .

Finding the time to practice just a few minutes Omkar Yoga every day may be enough to make a noticeable difference when it comes to your mind and body in a healthy condition. Kindly visit the website and email your problems and requirements at menon@omkaryoga.co.in or at menonbs8650@gmail.com

Active healthy body is always better than a disease state of body and mind. Start practicing Meditation and perform Yoga and deep breathing practices and walking , which will keep your body healthy and happy. We believe that good relation in the family and working place is a symbol of healthy mind and strong body.


Success Stories


She was a patient of abdominal CANCER in the early 2016 . After some external treatments she joined YOGA class in 2017. She performs all types of YOGA and she has stated that she is able to have better digestive system and able to move around everywhere .All normal activities are carried out by her .

Mrs Jayaben Patel patient - age 60 years


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