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PARKINSON'S DISEASE It is a degenerative disorder of the brain. It is present in the ancient Indian system of medicine. The disease belongs to a group of conditions called movement disorder. In this type of disorder nerve cells or neurons in the brain that control muscle movements are greatly affected. It leads to loss of muscle control which leads to trembling of the limbs while at rest or otherwise.

The exact cause of the disease is not known but the same is from the lack of or death of dopamine generating nerve cells in the substantianigra and movement becomes impaired . Other cells in the brain also degenerate to some extent and may contribute to affects other non - movement related symptoms of Parkinson's disease


There are several causes namely Genetic, Excessive stress, Environmental factors : Excessive alcohol consumption, any other kind of neurological illness, drug abuse

SYMPTOMS that affects the Motor function

Tremors:Trembling in fingers, hands, arms , feet , legs , jaw and head

Rigidity:This includes stiffness of the joints and when combined with the tremor produces more rigid.

Postural instability Shuffling gait :While walking person takes small steps with their feet barely leaving the ground

Depression:about 30-80% of all the people suffering from Parkinsons disease ,Anxiety,Sleep disturbances Insomnia Problems with urination Getting up frequently during the night to urinate or urinary incontinence Constipation

Management of Parkinson disease

This disease is chronic disorder that requires broad based management including patientand family education , support group services , general well ness . At present there is no cure but medications or surgery can provide relief from the symptoms

Supplementary treatments

Apart from medication there are nutritional supplements which can ease symptoms and improve the quality of life . It is also important that the patient inform the physician about his problem and accordingly take medicines. The main purpose of medical practitioner is to facilitate build the body strength , improve the balance overcome problems and improve on speaking and swallowing

Management of Parkinson disease

Prevention of Parkinson disease

1.Practice of relaxation techniques , meditation , deep breathing etc. when followed regularly can produce smoothening effects

2.Develop healthy eating habits, et food at the proper time, void oily and spicy food, junk food

3. Reduce the alcohol and smoking habits and increase the water quantity per day.

4. Daily exercise or regular walk is very helpful

5. Good sleep is very important.

6. YOGIC DIET : Alkaline food with less oil , salt and spice

Yogic Management

OMKAR YOGA plays a great role in developing sense of well being in the person and produces a harmony between physical and mental level . It activates or stimulates the nerve cells for better functioning when regularly practiced with positive attitude as KRIYAS,SUKSHMA VYAYMA.

It is noticed in the treatment of both these practices takes a long time, as Asanas cannot be started due to stiffness in the joints and motor co-ordination to the brain is very less . After few months improvement in the joints and the coordination has improved then the Asanas and Pranayama should be added to the curriculum followed by Meditation and Hasta Mudra

Benefits of Omkar Yoga in curing Parkinson disease

  • May Reduce Inflammation:Omkar Yoga can be practiced in any yogic pose that gives your mind which itself reduces pain.

  • Could Reduce Pain:Omkar chanting continuously in yoga pose relieves mind stress and anxiety. A feel of knee pain or any chronic pain is in mind first. Omkar yoga relaxes mind of practitioner which indirectly reduces chronic pain at least feeling of it.

  • Could promote healthy mindset: A rhythmic chanting of Omkar Yoga releases hormones which promotes happiness and feeling of positivity. In illnesses like knee pain healthy mindset surely works wonder. It helps you to enjoy the activities which you feel you won’t be able do ever due to the knee pain.

  • Improves Flexibility and Balance: The regular practice of Omkar yoga shreds your extra weight. When weight-height and age is in right number ( i.e the BMI is between 18-25)then body of that person is said to be in balanced and flexible. Omkar Yoga improves flexibility and balance of your body as well as of your mind.

  • Promotes Healthy Eating Habits: We all are aware that most of the illnesses are due to our eating habits. The energy that one receives after practicing Omkar Yoga activates and stimulates the brain positively. This helps you to choose good-bad and it has been observed that people with healthy eating habits are less prone to illnesses like knee pain. It keeps your weight in control.

  • Can Increase Strength: The most prominent benefit of is that Omkar Yoga helps in increasing strength of mind and body. A healthy mind and body is none less than boon.

  • Food intake : Healthy eating habits like alkaline foods, green vegetables , with salads and sprouts , taking food at the right time , with sleeping at the right time , will reduce the severity of the pain and the disease will not accelerate very fast.Methi sprouts and in the curry also should be taken 3-4 days in a week supported by non sour tings such as butter milk .Bowel clearance is also improvement

All the above mentioned practices should be done under a trained Yoga teacher/Therapist. OmkarYoga has got such senior experienced trained professionals who are nearly 10-15 years old in thisprofession and have proved positive results in this matter.

Finding the time to practice just a few minutes Omkar Yoga every day may be enough to make a noticeable difference when it comes to your knee health. Kindly visit the website and email your problems and requirements at menon@omkaryoga.co.in or at menonbs8650@gmail.com

We wish you early recovery of the disease by taking medicine at the proper time under a doctors supervision and performing all the above practices under a Yoga teacher or through us and taking proper food and sound sleep for 6 hours


Success Stories


She was a patient of abdominal CANCER in the early 2016 . After some external treatments she joined YOGA class in 2017. She performs all types of YOGA and she has stated that she is able to have better digestive system and able to move around everywhere .All normal activities are carried out by her .

Mrs Jayaben Patel patient - age 60 years


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