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Knee Strengthening Yoga for Knee Pain Relief

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Omkar Yoga therapy for knee pain strengthens knees with joint pain relief exercises, asanas and shuddhi kriyas like waman, shwasana marg shuddhi and omkar chanting.


The cause of your knee pain can determine the symptoms you experience. Many conditions can cause or contribute to knee pain, and many treatments exist. Each person's experience with knee pain will be different. Reach Dr. B. S. Menon for knee strengthening yoga for knee pain relief.


Temporary knee pain is different from chronic knee pain. Many people experience temporary knee pain as a result of an injury or accident. 

Chronic knee pain rarely goes away without treatment, and it isn't always attributable to one incident. It's most often the result of several causes or conditions.

Yoga For Knee Pain Relief - 


This is an extension of arthritis and mainly due to the sedentary lifestyle and increased weight, inflammation, metabolic changes, and many other reasons. Hence the most common form of arthritis is Osteoarthritis

It is a degenerative joint disease in which the cartilage covering the ends of bones in the joint deteriorates, causing pain and loss of movements as bones begin to rub each other. 


The main symptom is pain in the joints, stiffness in the joints, warmth, and redness of joints, Excess weight and fat deposited in the abdomen, swelling in the joints etc.


The usual way of managing joints is to lose weight, avoid fried foods, Increase the fluid intake, Intake of milk, avoid fatty and heavy foods. Try to maintain good posture at all times and avoid staying in the same position for too long. 

You should have strong muscles which will help to keep healthy. Avoid extra weight, which means more pain. This will add to the additional added stress in the knee and hips. Massage to the muscles and joints helps relax the muscles and improves the circulation to them.


Knee pain cure mainly through the continuous recital of OMKAR Mantra and coupled with joint loosening exercise and few asanas like stretching and certain Shuddhi Kriyas like Waman, Shwasana Marg Shuddhi etc. and control in the food mainly at least once or twice in a week; there should be leafy vegetables. 


Hence, by the proper intake of food and managing by various above methods and OM Dhyan, there will be eradicating the disease.

Who Is At Risk For Knee Pain?


People who are overweight or obese are at a greater risk for knee problems. For every Kilos that you are overweight, your knee must absorb extra pressure when you walk, run, or climb stairs. 


The BMI above 29 is obese, and it is proved that nearly 85% of the body's weight of the body's above the knee means that 15% of the legs' weight is carrying the entire weight of 85%. Thus obese people will have more chance of knee pain and can become more chronic if not treated properly through medicine or walking. Delayed treatment will result in Osteoarthritis.


Other Factors That Increase Your Risk For Knee Pain Include:


Degeneration Due to The Aging Process:


As per the Anatomy, there is Synovial fluid in the knees, which acts as a lubricating liquid that keeps the activity and the functional level of the Knees very active. The fluid gets dried up in some cases due to the aging process, and the pain starts developing, and degeneration increases due to aging.


1. Previous injuries or trauma


2. Athletic activity or physical exercise


3. Poor diet and wrong food eating habits


4. Overweight/obesity


5. During the last 10-15 years, it is noticed that there is a method of a Knee replacement on a chronic stage that the life of the same will be 15 years. However, even after replacement, there can be occasional pain in the knee.


Treating Chronic Knee Pain each underlying cause of chronic knee pain has a specific type of treatment. 

These treatments may include:


1. Physical therapy


2. Medication


3. Surgery


4. Injections


The problem of knee pain is the wide world over and to afford the above treatment is impossible for every individual. The reality is that these treatments have reverse implications. But practicing Omkar yoga therapy for knee pain relief is in your comfort zone and acts like one medicine to all associated illnesses.

How Can Knee Pain Be Prevented?


You can prevent some, but not all, of the possible causes of knee pain. But you can 't prevent chronic knee pain. There are things you can do to alleviate the pain, and regular practice of Omkar knee strengthening yoga is one such. Suppose your chronic knee pain worsens because of overuse or tends to be the most painful after physical activity. 


In that case, you can make lifestyle changes to help treat the pain, and here Omkar yoga truly makes wonder as it does not require extra effort. We at Omkar yoga treat the patients through various Asanas, and breathing techniques are needed in chronic cases, through Mudra Therapy and Acupressure.


Other approaches include:


1. Warm up before exercise: Stretch your quadriceps and hamstrings before and after the workout.


2. Try low-impact exercises: Instead of tennis or running, give swimming or bicycling a shot. Or mix low-impact exercises with high-impact exercises to give your knees a break.


3. Lose weight.


4. Practice Omkar Yoga: The above approaches need time, space, and financial investment too. But, practicing Omkar knee strengthening yoga is possible at your home, at your own space and time. The investment it requires is to breathe in rhythm and get healed.


Omkar Yoga Therapy For Knee Pain:


Omkar Yoga for knee joint pain is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation in particular poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. 

Practicing Omkar yoga for knee pain relief comes with many benefits for both mental and physical health, though not all of these benefits have been backed by science. 


Omkar Yoga Therapy for knee pain is known for its ability to ease stress and promote relaxation. Multiple studies have confirmed the many mental and physical benefits of Omkar yoga. 

Incorporating it into your routine can help enhance your health, increase strength and flexibility, and reduce knee pain and its future possibility. 

Benefits Of Omkar Yoga Therapy For Knee Pain Relief -


1. May Reduce Inflammation: Omkar Yoga therapy for your knees can be practiced in any yogic pose that gives your knee comfort, which itself reduces pain.


2. Could Reduce Chronic Pain: Omkar chanting in yoga pose relieves mental stress and anxiety. A feel of knee pain or any chronic pain is in mind first. Omkar yoga for knee joint pain relaxes the mind of the practitioner, which indirectly reduces chronic pain at least feeling.


3. Could promote a healthy mindset: A rhythmic chanting of Omkar Yoga releases hormones that stimulate happiness and positivity. In illnesses like knee pain, a healthy mindset indeed works wonders. It helps you enjoy the activities you feel you won't be able to do ever due to knee pain. 


4. Improves Flexibility and Balance: The regular practice of Omkar knee strengthening yoga shreds your extra weight. When weight-height and age are in the right number (i.e., the BMI is between 18-25), the person's body is balanced and flexible. Omkar Yoga improves the flexibility and balance of your body as well as of your mind.


5. Promotes Healthy Eating Habits: We all are aware that most illnesses are due to our eating habits. The energy that one receives after practicing Omkar Yoga therapy for knee pain activates and stimulates the brain positively. 

This helps you to choose good-bad, and it has been observed that people with healthy eating habits are less prone to illnesses like knee pain. It keeps your weight in control.


6. Can Increase Strength: The most prominent benefit of Omkar yoga poses for knees helps increase the strength of mind and body. A healthy mind and body is none less than a boon.


7. Food intake: Healthy eating habits like alkaline foods, green vegetables, salads, and sprouts, taking food at the right time, sleeping at the right time will reduce the severity of the pain, and the disease will not accelerate very fast.


All the practices mentioned above should be done under a trained Yoga teacher/Therapist. Omkar Yoga has got such senior experienced, trained professionals who are nearly 10-15 years old in this profession and have proved positive results in this matter.


Finding the time to practice just a few minutes of Omkar Yoga therapy for knee pain relief every day may be enough to make a noticeable difference when it comes to your knee health. 

Kindly visit the website and email your problems and requirements at menon@omkaryoga.co.in or menonbs8650@gmail.com


We Wish You A Healthy Body and A Happy Mind!


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She was a patient of abdominal CANCER in the early 2016 . After some external treatments she joined YOGA class in 2017. She performs all types of YOGA and she has stated that she is able to have better digestive system and able to move around everywhere .All normal activities are carried out by her .

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