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Breathing is something most people take for granted, other than those with asthma. Asthma contracts the airways in the patient's lungs to the point where it can be tough to hold one's breath. Omkar Yoga with other breathing exercises and yoga for asthma which open up airways to help breathe easier. Yet for some people with severe asthma, these medicines might not be enough to control symptoms but regular practice yoga surely helps. 

If you are looking for something to supplement your drug treatment, you might want to try breathing exercises

Until lately, doctors didn't advise breathing exercises for asthma only since there wasn't adequate confirmation to explain that yoga and breathing exercises for asthma work. Very recent studies proposed these exercises and asanas for asthma do help improve your breathing and quality of living. 

Based on present verification, breathing exercises may have importance as an add-on therapy to medication and other regular asthma cures.

Symptoms of Asthma:

It's very easy to recognize the symptoms of asthma.

1. The Asthmatic disorder is a chronic inflammatory condition in which the airways develop increased responsiveness to various stimuli, chest tightness and cough that is at least reversible, either spontaneously or with treatment. 

2. Asthma causes narrowing of airways and Broncho-spasm airways which involves tightening of the smooth muscles around the airways, swelling of the airways, collecting of thick mucus secretions in the airways.

3. Bronchial Asthma triggers may include tobacco smoke, Infections such as colds, flu or pneumonia. Air pollution or toxins, weather especially extreme changes in temperature, drugs, food addiction, emotional stress  and anxiety, smoking perfumes or sprays, Acid reflux, viral sinus infections such as cold, exposure to allergen.

4. Foods which are allergic to asthma foods should be avoided such as cold foods, ice creams, chocolates, fruits like bananas, milk and milk products. Foods which produce mucus production should be avoided. Try to take warm water/drinks.

The common symptoms of asthma are:

# Shortness of breath or Breathlessness: Not getting enough air in or out lungs and finding difficulty in breathing out.

# Frequent or persistent cough: A cough that does not go away for a few days.

# Wheezing: A whistling sound each point in time you breathe out.

# Tightness in the chest: A tight feeling in the chest as someone is squeezing.

This can be due to staying continuously in a highly Polluted area such as Delhi or excess of Humidity in the air, ignoring the asthmatic attacks which have led to a very severe stage. Patients are requested to stay in a Dry place where the triggering of the attack will be less.

It's not necessary that every person with asthma shows all of these symptoms. For instance, some people may have disturbed sleep at night due to excessive coughing, while others may experience breathlessness while exercising. It is important that you watch out for the symptoms, so that you can help your doctor diagnose your condition accurately.

Asthma triggers frequently include:

# Allergens such as pollen, dust mites, cockroaches and molds

# Irritants in the air, such as smoke, air pollution, chemical fumes and strong odors

# Medications, such as aspirin and acetaminophen

# Extreme weather conditions

# Exercise

# Stress

Omkar Yoga helps in Asthma:

Breathe the maximum Pranayama a well said thought has limitations when the illness like Asthma enters in the life of so called healthy people. Pranayama for asthma, is a practice in yoga that focuses on controlling the breath through breathing exercises and techniques. 

Most types of yoga incorporate these breathing exercises, and several studies have found that practicing yoga could help improve breathing.

Breathing practices and Yogasana are among the most popular alternative therapies for asthmatics and bronchitis. Among the most common are hyperventilation-reduction techniques like the Omkar Yoga. 

Learning these yoga and breathing exercises for asthma and practicing them regularly may help you gain more control over your asthma symptoms. They might also allow you to cut down on your use of asthma medication.

Omkar Yoga is an exercise program that combines movement with deep breathing. The last few decades' studies have found that using the similar type of controlled profound breathing as in yoga may help to recover asthma symptoms and lung function.

Practice Omkar Yoga:

In Omkar Yoga we take MANTRA RECITATION, OMKAR CHANTING, MEDITATION, ASANAS, PRANAYAMA, MUDRA THERAPY AND ACUPRESSURE. There are no external medicines for treatment through Yoga for asthma. The patient can use the medicine at the starting and during the course of practices, say after 1/2 months, depending upon the severity of the Asthma. 

The results will be seen like lessening the quantity of cough thereby improving the breathing level. On doctors consultation the dosage of the medicines can be reduced at the end of the course. Practitioners experience significant increase in vital capacity.

Vital capacity is a measure of the maximum amount of air that can be expelled from the lungs. It is especially important for those with lung disease, heart problems and asthma.

A regular practice of Omkar Yoga for Asthma, as shown above, on the regular practice for about 2 months, the breathing level improves symptoms and lung function in practitioners with mild-to-moderate asthma, depending upon the severity Improving breathing can help build endurance. Optimize performance and keep your lungs and heart healthy. 

Omkar Yoga incorporates many forms of  yoga and breathing exercises for asthma, which could help in improving breathing and lung function.

7 Benefits Of Omkar Yoga In Curing Asthma:

1. May Reduce Inflammation: Omkar Yoga can be practiced in any yogic pose that gives your increase in the lung capacity .

2. Could Reduce Chronic Pain: Omkar chanting in yoga pose relieves mind stress and anxiety. A feel of knee pain or any chronic pain is in mind first. Omkar Yoga relaxes the mind of the practitioner which indirectly reduces chronic pain at least feeling it.

3. Could promote a healthy mindset: A rhythmic chanting of Omkar Yoga releases hormones which promotes happiness and feeling of positivity.

4. Improves Flexibility and Balance: The regular practice of Omkar yoga shreds your extra weight. When weight-height and age is in the right number (i.e. the BMI is between 18-25) then the body of that person is said to be balanced and flexible. Omkar Yoga improves the flexibility and balance of your body as well as of your mind.  

5. Promotes Healthy Eating Habits: We all are aware that most of the illnesses are due to our eating habits. The energy that one receives after practicing Omkar Yoga activates and stimulates the brain positively. This helps you to choose good-bad and it has been observed that people with healthy eating habits are less prone to illnesses like knee pain. It keeps your weight in control.

6. Can Increase Strength: The most prominent benefit of Omkar Yoga helps in increasing strength of mind and body. A healthy mind and body is none less than boon.

7. Food Intake: Healthy eating habits like alkaline foods, green vegetables with salads and sprouts, taking food at the right time, sleeping at the right time will reduce the severity of the pain and the disease will not accelerate very fast.

Finding the time to practice just a few minutes of Omkar Yoga every day may be enough to make a noticeable difference when it comes to your knee health. Kindly visit the website and email your problems and requirements at menon@omkaryoga.co.in or at menonbs8650@gmail.com

Breathing is the only proof of being alive. Breathe fresh air-be healthy with OMKAR YOGA !


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She was a patient of abdominal CANCER in the early 2016 . After some external treatments she joined YOGA class in 2017. She performs all types of YOGA and she has stated that she is able to have better digestive system and able to move around everywhere .All normal activities are carried out by her .

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