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s vyasa research work by omkar yoga promoter balaram menon

after the completion of the yoga instructor course and a recognized yoga teacher in the field of yoga for the last 10 years the promoter of www.omkaryoga.co.in , shri b s menon , having gained international recognition in yoga teaching , through s vyasa , ( swami vivekananda yoga anusandhanasamsthana ), bangalore.

the profile of the deemed university is as under :

vivekananda yoga anusandhanasamsthana or vyasa is a registered charitable institution (1986) working for making yoga as a socially relevant science.

based on the teachings of swami vivekananda the four streams of yoga with unity in their diversity, the key essence of indian culture, applications of yoga to bring health, harmony, peace the world over are now spread across the globe in nearly 30 countries.

the mission of vyasa is to combine the best of the east (yoga and spiritual lore) with that of the west (modern scientific research).

taking into the performance of this institution , in conducting short term and long term courses on yoga and its allied subjects (and on affiliating to 4 universities from 1990 to 2001) including the bangalore university), the ugc named s-vyasa in 2002 as a deemed to be university under section 3 of the ugc act 1956. s-vyasa, the acronym of swami vivekananda yoga anusandhanasamsthana is a unique yoga university translating the vision and teachings of swami vivekananda to action through academic higher education programs. it is also the first iso 2001:2008 certified yoga university. the educational university the unique of its kind , in the field of yoga research is the only yoga research deemed university/institute in the india and also in the world .the fund of knowledge that has been handed over to the university by keen researchers is gaining recognition by the health scientists as valuable tools to raise the basic human consciousness towards a lifestyle of contentment and peaceful living

the organization is headed by dr h r nagendra , a prominent yoga philanthropist and a well known personality in yoga in india and abroad . he is the chairman of ayush , govt of india and yoga advisor to the prime minister , shrinarendramodi and other ministers in the cabinet,in yoga and relative developments in the field.

considering the research work done in yoga by s vyasa,the promoter of www.omkaryoga.co.in , shri b s menon, is pursuing his higher studies through m sc from the university and is actively pursuing research mainly on the following

1) 1 /2 old age homes in mumbai mainly imparting the yoga therapy to the old inmates and rehabilitating them through yoga and pranayama and in few inmates medically also. the project will take further 6 months – 1 year

2) 1 or2 schools in mumbai , looking at the weakness of some students in the higher secondary section , to motivate them and give some guidance and tips through yoga, so that the mental level and confidence level can be increased , thereby raising them to a distinction level in exams

the process of research has recently being started and plan to complete within 6 months to 1 year

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